Mac pro cant find wifi

I went through keychain access and tried all options but the 3rd listed to no avail. Something about inputting the airport name myself made the computer remember the network. Hopefully this helps some of you. He warned of the possibility that the wifi network card will not be usable after the update with his patcher.

This did not prevent me from installing High Sierra. Well guess what the network card is not usable anymore. Ok first I did not mind till I realised that Philips Hue only interacts through a wifi network and not over bluetooth, which I first assumed. I have been searching for wifi dongles that are compatible with High Sierra so far without success.

Problems Once Connected

Has anyone found a wifi dongle which works? I have been troubleshooting for weeks at different customers and found that it seems to been problem against AP with AC Wave 1. Even better with Yosemite HP with Intel AC card has no problem at all. Expected speed at speed test and not a singel ping loss.

This all happened overnight after upgrading to Feel terribly betrayed by Apple…. This website fixed all my problems thank you so much I was about ready to throw this computer across my room. I have tried all of the above, nothing works other than re-logging into my network every time my iMac wakes up. The upgrade worked fine on my MacBook, but the iMac fails every time. Really Apple its probably juts hypoxia. In my case, not only is the Wifi connection lost repeatedly, but even a wired NIC connection is going up and down. Trying to contact Apple support, but only ever get a promise of a chat session that never seems to materialise.

Maybe I should investigate taking legal action to recover lost earnings due to wasted time? Happy New Year. I still have Sierra So I had to go through and delete my preferences and delete my location and all that. I will wait for the next version of macOS for a resolution. That appears to be the only option. I think the programming error is made with machines that have both en0 and en1 devices, not ones with just a wireless connection, both as default and only connection.

If anyone is interested, I created a script that you can add to your login applications. Just save this with the automator.. And also only in some routers. I tried all these tricks but no way to works as should. I wait until end of year for a fix, otherwise my only option is downgrade. I agree, it is sad that I spent over 2k for a computer that cannot make a simple Wifi connection. My Raspberry for less than 80 bucks does it without special code. I have a Mac mini and am having a myriad of problems since I upgraded to Hi Sierra. Biggest problem is connecting to Wi-fi.

I tried ALL of the suggestions and nothing works. Any suggestions? Simply unfathomable amateurish nonsense — this on top of all the obsessive-compulsive tax dodging from the richest company in the world make me not want to come back.

I have tried all of these solutions and even most of the solutions in the comments, yet my MacProBook has trouble retaining a connection to a wifi that all the other non-apple devices stay connected to easily. I downloaded the Mac High Sierra yesterday and have had constant Wi-Fi drops ever since, one even lasting an hour! I simply could not get back on! Beyond frustrating when you have a project to complete in a short timeline. Unacceptable from Apple. The following worked for me on two MacBook laptops!

How to Fix Any Macbook Pro WiFi or Bluetooth Problem

First copy data from following folders to a new folder:. Then delete all content in these folders. Restart mac. Speed increase was from 2mbit to 78mbit on an a new mac and from 8mbit to 76mbit on laptop from on a wifi with 80mbit max download speed. Tried all the solutions here but none of them worked. The problem was a corrupted USB key attached to the Mac. Once removed everything was fine…. I even spent 7 hours on the phone with Apple they did crap. What finally did the job is deleting Adobe.

Thank you for providing these instructions. Need to give it a day to see if it is indeed fixed. Thank you so much! Have had wifo problems since on my imac, today it has dropped over 12x! Im about to just get an ethernet cord and a separate modem! So tired of this.

Resolving Wi-Fi Issues in macOS High Sierra

I just added the DNS entries listed above, previously had just 1. So this article is about High Sierra network prefs but the author is using pictures of Sierra network prefs… smh. I just fix it the issue at the moment Turing off the bluethoot. Thank you! This solved my problem.

For now. Really annoying. Now no video bugs, I can see the login screen, Mail works, no stupid finder problems.

Ways to fix Wi-Fi on Mac

Apple have lost the plot, concentrating on rubbish with over priced phones, watches and TV programs, all the rubbish to complete the illusion! I just noticed that when using the Spotify app on my Mac, with Airplay to my Apple TV connected digitally to my stereo. I had a lot of skipping that did not happen prior to upgrading to The skipping was both on 2. Was already wifi connected with good quality and at least Mbps between Mac and router.

Log out. All good. Thank you. Can you now find a way to get back the Guest option on the Login screen? I liked having it available so visitors could do their homework, job applications etc without me having to worry about them changing my files. I try to solve that problem for the last days.

You give me the solution with the removing of some files. Great job thanks. Agreed, but sometimes it appears that wifi preferences get toasted during a system software update which then lead to wireless issues. Usually just ditching them and starting over resolves the problem. This is simply incredible. When you multiply the number of workarounds by the number of users by the value of their time to the enterprises it is probably billions per act of stupidity.

Worse medical offices can not respond, Parents do not have access to information. Another option is to wait to upgrade until Apple gets its act together. Too many.

How to Fix WiFi on MacBook?

I agree. The focus clearly has shifted to the investors and shareholders.

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The board represents them and they are making the decsions. Updated to High Sierra and immediately I got wifiproblems. Attached a cable but it is extremely annoying to see that wifi drops each and every time and nothing helps no new config, trashing pref-files etc. In this time and age, unbelievable. I was unable to post on an Appleforum. Kaiser-attitudes are growing. The same attitude with the anti-glare coating.

How to Fix Your WiFi Connection Problems on the MacBook Pro

How many years in a row does this problem persist? I have been using a macintosh for more than 20 years. And I am consolidering switching to another platform as condescending apple has no respect for its customers or users that need to use their machine day in, day out. Just try it without wifi..