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Open it and look for the Client Software file and drag it to your desktop. A smart way to save hard drive space and double recording days is to record only on motion. To do this, use the lock option on your Remote or if you are using the mouse, right click on it and at right top corner of the screen click on the pad lock to turn it to red which activates the lock. To unlock, you must login in as an Admin.

Geovision Surveillance DVR Remote Access Mac | Geovision

To begin this process, make sure the RS connections are connected the right way at the back of the DVR and the camera. Once all that is set, right click the mouse and select PTZ at the bottom of the screen and a PTZ controller will appear on the screen. This is a very quick and easy setup. To setup a sequence function for your DVR, first click on a channel and right click the mouse to show the menu options at the bottom of the screen. Once they pop up, click on sequence and your channels will start showing in sequence.

Most network cameras come with a software that scans and search for devices on the network which is the same with Geovision.

GeoVision How do I view GV-DVR/NVR remotely on MAC?

Before changing your resolution to a higher resolution always keep in mind high resolution causes lower frame rate. To change your Geovision camera resolution, type the camera IP address in the address bar and login to the camera. Always save your changes to put them into effect. The first thing you need to do is plug the second monitor on your video capture card at the back of your computer. After that is done, right click your mouse and select screen resolution and make sure two screens appear.

Select a layout and drag the cameras into the layout.

Sometimes Admins are away from their desk and as a result unauthorized persons can come behind and access important data or make changes in their systems. In Geovision, Admins can set up System Idle Protection which logs them out after a certain amount of inactive time but the system keeps running. Also if you stop recording for a certain amount of time, this feature activates auto recording. This is pretty easy and straight forward. On the camera configure menu, you can select the camera and then adjust the contrast, brightness etc.

Adding a new hard drive should not be your first option when you want to extend or even double your recording days. The following two tips will help. You can also change your compression which saves a lot of bandwidth.

Geovision Remote View System Setup

The default resolution of Geovision camera systems is x which is low but saves a lot of disk space. You have the option of changing it to a higher resolution there by giving up larger disk space. The recommended resolution for Analog cameras is x Sometimes even after setting up your camera to record on motion, you realize continuous recording which is common in cameras mounted outside where moving trees and objects shuts off the motion detection.

As a solution to this problem, you can put a mask on all areas that causes interference. The last thing is the username and password which is the same as the username and password of your system. By default the HTTP port is Sometimes when you have multiple devices on your network and one happens to use PORT 80,then no other device can use port 80 on that network instead you should change the HTTP port of the other devices.

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This error means the capture card and the software are not communicating. Three things may be wrong with the capture card. It could be the drivers are not installed. It could be the capture card is not properly installed C.

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  4. It could be the capture card is not installed at all. You can either do that through the Geovision CD or download it from the Geovision software. Follow the steps and install the software and once complete, it will open and ask you the IP address of the system you want to view and if you change the HTTP port of the system, make sure you change it on multiview too.

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    For first time users, viewing videos via internet explorer can be blocked by ActiveX. Recommended Specs. Intel core i7 with QuickSync for hardware decoding. Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit. Current Version Updates. Major version upgrade protection Major version upgrade protection. Major version upgrade protection. Email support Email support. Email support. Prioritized email support Prioritized email support. Prioritized email support.

    Highest priority email support Highest priority email support. Highest priority email support. Phone support Phone support. Phone support. Remote desktop support Remote desktop support. Remote desktop support.

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    What's New. Advanced Installer We have moved away from using InstallShield as our installation software provider in favor of Advanced Installer. July 27, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. May 10, by Matthew Rossi. Traditionally viewing your security cameras over the web has required the use of ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer IE.

    This can be hard to do since many ActiveX controls are unsigned and trigger a lot of error messages in IE. It is also very difficult for the layman to figure out how to enable ActiveX controls correctly to view their security cameras or security video recorder from their web browser.

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    Another reason for having another browser based option to view your camera system is the fact that IE will soon be discontinued by Microsoft. Well there is some good new as of You would network your device and place it on your network, and type in its IP address in Chrome.