Como formatear una mac desde usb

Then do a right click with your mouse to pull up a menu. Click on Format. You can make this your client name or your company name. I picked JSP , no special characters allowed. This will speed up the process.

Erase and reformat a storage device in Disk Utility on Mac

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Acceso a particiones Mac desde Windows

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Main Blog. How to blog. Help with pricing. How to market your biz. Business tips. Help with clients. About Colorvale. If it is the board I am inclined to keep corrupting them until someone at Samsung is smart enough to verify the cause and prevent it or at least issue a warning. If they are willing to send out a tech to replace the board, then they must think it is a possibility but why not try and reproduce the issue in their lab to confirm??

Format Apple USB Restore stick

The other reason that the system may identify but not play a specific movie title is the way it was encoded. You would want to make sure that the drive is a MSC device, and maybe get a bigger one that was formatted or designed for Windows. I do know that the service departments would be more likely to replace the board than to solder or replace the actual USB port in the event it was faulty, so if it is a port issue, you'd actually be getting the best possible repair.

Thanks for the reply but Here is the updated status. We even tried to copy his media files to both of my devices and they were unreadable.

Cómo crear una memoria USB de Windows 10 en MacOS

So what is preventing media from being recognized on both of my USB and External HD since they had both already worked in the past. Here is what happened. Since that time, the devices have not allowed data to be read only from Samsung TV's. If the devices are being corrupted specifically for the TV's, we should know how to prevent it from happening to all MAC users. If anyone can suggest what I can do to get these devices working again for the TV please throw it out there.

I refuse to buy new media devices for my TV if they are going to be rendered useless for a yet unknown reason. Ok, this is a problem that will likely only ever happen to MAC users so here it is. There are two ways to fix it. For some reason the manufacturers drive utility formatted the drive in a different manner than Windows does. IT would be wise for Samsung to use this information in their tech support bulletins. I'm having the same problem.

Thank you! I'm having the exact same problem and the reformatting of the USB is also not working. Any more suggestions? I just got off the phone with Samsung Tier 2 tech and he was going to send me a thumb drive to ensure I have the new and latest firmware update because I couldn't even use my thumb drive 3 times reformatted to ensure I had current firmware. Then he said we would have to try it and if it didn't work This is a real inconvenience for someone who lives an hour from town. It looks like Samsung should get a fix on this or they are going to have some issues. Sooooo many people are converting to Macs and this has to be resolved soon.

Are they even trying to look into WHY and maybe resolving their customers issues or are they assuming we are the technicians!!! I used to use my hard drive with my windows computer. I recently switched to iMac and reformat my hard drive because I was unable to add files when I plugged then into the iMac. I then plugged the hard drive back into my Samsung TV and it does not find any of the files in order to play the movies or music on it.

Hey Mac users! The "on a mac" fix worked for me but I wanted to add that the original problem that caused me to change it in the first place came back, as I knew it would. I could not put larger movie files on the drive even if I had the space. That is why I configured it for mac but then it wouldn't play on the set. I knew that was going to happen but I had to try for it is know So I went back to the Dos option and then the movies played but I could not get larger files on there again.

Using the process of elimination, I have to admit, I already changed to the Dos option and obviously none of the mac ones would allow the drive to play on my samsung so I chose what was left "exFat". Now I can put larger files on there and play the movies on the samsung tv from the drive. Lucky Guess.

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This is on an iMac with macOS "Sierra" v Not the partition icon indented underneath it. Be very sure you're on the correct drive, this WILL erase it. Takes longer. If you're on an older Mac OS X, you may try similar setting, but any other version of FAT may limit the size of the drive, for example your 64Gb drive may only hold 32Gb max when formatted under FAT32, and not allow your 52Gb 4k movie.

Sometimes the fastest runners have to wait for the larger pack to catch up. It's a herding instinct thinking it's safer. I have not tried making multiple partitions with differing formats on a thumb drive.

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