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The page you are now reading provides a much simpler method, using a prebuilt "application bundle" that contains almost everything you need, in a single package.

Old School Mac Game Emulators

To use it, follow these steps. Note that when the instructions refer to OS 9, the same procedure should work with OS 8.

Expert users will know how to modify the system for use with System 7 through 8. Download the application bundle here. Extract it and place it anywhere on your hard disk.

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  • Step 1: Downloads.

Do not launch the application until you finish step 2; if you do, it will display a warning that you need to add a ROM file, and SheepShaver will not start. See the setup guide at E-Maculation for advice on how to find one.

Or you can go directly to the Redundant Robot web site and find the file indicated as "best for SheepShaver". A message from the SheepShaver Wrapper will tell you that the file was copied to the correct location. Install Mac OS 8.


The Best Mac Game Emulators That you can Get your Hands On

This step assumes that you have a copy of an OS 8. Even if you no longer have the original disks for your software any more or perhaps even a drive that will read them!

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Finally, if you want to get really retro, there are apps written back when Macs used the Motorola series of processors, before even the PowerPC chips. These models ran System 7 and earlier. Modern Macs have so much more computing power than these that you can run a faithful emulation of System 7 using JavaScript in your web browser. Think of this as a more convenient way to access the software on an old Mac you already own, rather than a way of getting a whole extra virtual computer.

Basilisk II can emulate a Macintosh Classic or a Macintosh II, and it can theoretically run operating systems all the way back to version 1.

In practice, System 6 is usually the furthest back you need to go. You may be told it is no longer available, depending on who you talk to. Ask to talk to someone else or call back. Virtual Machine for Dec 5, AM. Page content loaded. VirtualBox is the only software that's free, is it any good?

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Or is it worth paying extra for the other two? Is there a way of just buying Snow Leopard to download straight away rather than having it shipped? Is this all fairly simple to do or could a lot go wrong if I were to give it a go? I don't have a time machine or anything so wonder how risky it would be. Back up your entire system before proceeding. You need to start making backups. The only one I have used is Parallels and that was many years ago. Try Virtual Box.

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If it doesn't work well, then you can consider the others. There may be a UK number you can call to order the disk. Try calling Customer Service for help.