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I purchased a mac foundation and skin care products and they all were great for my skin. Mac products have a great quality, fair price which meets the value and their customer service is wonderful. I trust this provider and I am going to order more products from here. Always great products and the highest range of products, the prices should be slightly smaller than shopping malls though Great product , Great quality, Great price, and wonderful customer service. I love everything that I have ordered from here. MAC has a nice website with a good selection of trendy, high-quality products.

They're one of the oldest "hip" brands of cosmetics, but they're still on the forefront of innovation and trends. They've long had collaborations with the coolest celebs out there, whether musicians, artists, models, etc. They're big on the bright, non-traditional colors like blue or silver lipstick, or glitter, or colored mascaras.

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I enjoy using their products for the most part - though they can be a hit or miss, like all other cosmetic brands. Many of their collaborations have beautiful and unique packaging - good as collector's items. But going into their stores, or interacting with their associates, is a different story. They seem to attract people who look high-maintenance, superficial, and clubby. I don't think I'll ever be able to go to their store - and I'm sure I'll be ignored as usual, and assumed to know nothing about makeup, though I know more than they do.

TL;DR Good website and products - intimidating stores and associates. Tip for consumers: One of the oldest "hip" cosmetic brands out there. Very edgy, always innovating, lots of cool collaborations that are collector's items. Stores are scary and intimidating. I've tried several products and enjoyed them. Not even use their products. Cruel and unnecessary.

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Animal testing is obsolete and most results mean nothing or are plain inaccurate. Don't bother buying MAC. No guilt for you, no pain for the animals. Wouldn't buy lipsticks from anywhere else!

Such good colour options too and the price is reasonable for the quality you get. For me, make up Is fun.

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It's about enhancing the parts of us we love and yes covering up those we don't ie pimples. It's the colours we see and the beauty of the ingredients used to make the products we love. Happy fun time. Companies such as Mac destroy that by taking these beautiful ingredients and using them to inflict pain.

On an Animal. Mac is actually the most vile of these cruel brands. It was originally a not tested on animals brand and took pride in that. Their makeup was about fun, as it should be.

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  6. They lost their sense of fun will chasing that almighty dollar. Even though they were a very successful brand they wanted more. They wanted the Chinese market. A market that insists by law that all products must be tested in animals. Mac cannot even use the excuse that they are worried about the safety of their clients. Pure greed at any cost. Do you really believe they would put your safety before the dollar. Mac seems to be average to me.

    I've tried their setting spray, mascaras, and lipsticks in the past and although I've never been disappointed I do feel that you can purchase products that are way cheaper and are the same quality if not better than mac. I looooove the eye shadows. They are amazing. They blend perfwctly and I always get my desired look. Went there with my friend to look for a lip liner thats long lasting.

    So we were waiting for the salesgirls to stop chatting with each other at the counter to help us out, up until this girl came to help. Thought she was kind etc, so I asked few simple questions of the differences between the lipliners. Then she rudely responded with the answers, I mean why do you have to be so rude for I just saw you giggling with your colleagues behind the counter few minutes back. And then she just stormed off to chat with her colleagues behind the counter, and ignoring us when me and my friend has decided on the lip liner.

    Hence, we just drop the product there right away and went to buy a lip liner from the brand thats in front of their booth that has way better customer service than MAC Sydney Myer. What a load of crap.. Head office advised to see the manager about camera footage at the time of purchase.

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    When my mum spoke to the manager about that she basically said no point as the 1 that's left there in stock was from a stock transfer. I have 2 young adult daughters who spend a lot of money every year on MAC.. The shade I used is 7. My advice - always ask for a sample. The Good: Excellent coverage.

    You only need a tiny amount so it's good value for money, even though it is expensive. Looks natural if applied well.

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    The Bad: Dries quickly, so can be difficult to blend. Also has a chemical smell which may bother some. The Ugly: Oxidises after a few hours and makes me look orange, even with a good primer underneath: Usually i am a lover of Mac products, however i am very turned off after this experience. Yesterday i bought a new eye liner as i had been in search to find a new one - which i apparently and sadly made the wrong decision. I go home as I'm getting ready for a night out and i had been sold the tester which was all dried up!!!

    Mac has told me i can exchange it however at this point i am expecting a full refund. I really don't want another Mac eyeliner as this is the second bad experience i have had. I went into a Mac store to buy an eye shadow pallet, it was not in stock which from what I hear from others is quite common. Salesperson was totally unapologetic and unconcerned, suggested I get it online, when I asked whether that would incur a shipping fee she just shrugged and said she had no idea. Went home, checked and it did, so I called another store near me but the number had been disconnected.

    Called a further one and they didn't pick up on two occasions. I emailed Mac and after 3 days they did finally respond and provided a free shipping code but gave no explanation about their stock levels and didn't even address my questions about the other two stores I tried and whether they still exist. All too hard, and from the sound of these other reviews maybe their products aren't worth it. I used to only wear M. C products because I loved how they felt on my skin but also the colour range, however after discovering that products sold in China must be tested on animals.

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    Always get ignored. I was looking for lip primer at Mac today and I got there before these other two women which were served before me. I knew what I wanted but because the other two women were fussing around unable to make up their mind I was waiting 15 more minutes. Finally the sales girl acknowledged me and said she will be with me in a moment.

    What a poor Customer Care process and response.

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    Website is also awful if you are using an IPad - Will not be using again and will have a very disappointed young lady at Christmas who did not get the gift she wanted! The girl who eventually served me was so half arsed. I told her my skin type and she didn't explain any of the foundations just sold me a tube of the pro long wear. She said to test it on my hand which I did but would have preferred the face but she said the hand will be fine. The colour match is accurate but the second I put it on my face it starts separating!

    I can't wear it at all as it looks patchy and awful. I have tried it with 3 different primers and no primer and separated straight away every time I apply it! So hadd I had better customer service and had a trial on my face first as last I would have known this was going to happen and could have saved myself 28 quid!

    This MAC Cosmetics moisturiser retails for $58 and is worth every cent.